Book Launch

The book Woorden uit de Berenkuil/Words from La Cage aux Ours will be festively launched in Passaporta, where we are hosted by Entrez Lire. There will beinhabitants reading fragments of the book, writer-performer Milady Renoir performing the fiction she wrote based on the words and slammer Maky, who spent some years of his life aroung the Cage aux Ours and offers the audience a choice of words on which he will improvise.

The book is in French and Dutch. An English version (with a French dictionary) will be available online soon!

Mots de la Cage aux Ours is part of the project La Langue Schaerbeekoise/De Schaarbeekse Taal in the framework of the neighbourhood contract Navez-Portaels, with the support of the Région Bruxelles-Capitale, VGC, the Commune de Schaerbeek and 1030 Cultuur.

@ Passaporta

rue Dansaertstraat 46, 1000 Brussel / Bruxelles