Blender + Python

Monthly workshop focusing on Blender + Python. We have been quite chaotic the last months due to too much work and a too nice summer. But we’re back and start this academic year with a workshop programmed
on the 27th of September.

The main purpose of these workshops is to manipulate Blender through
python scripts, but any Blender related practices are welcome.

Space is open from 10:00 to 18:00

Usual programme of the day: (depending on the participants)

Morning: show and tell.
Those who master a certain functionality of Blender are invited to share their knowledge, so that everyone can learn from everyone. No obligation but we noticed that even beginners have something to teach the more advanced users.

Afternoon: hacking time.
Exeprimenting with python scripts and collectively work on what springs to the attention of the participants. Take your ideas and projects that are realisable more or less in one afternoon.

At the end of the afternoon we publish code and other .blend files on the Github of the workshop.

@ Variable

Rue Gallait 80
1030 Schaerbeek Brussels