Free distribution workshops

During these workshops, we will propose to set up and document ways of producing and broadcasting radio programmes or video recordings with free software outside the GAFAM platforms. We will also take the time to learn about different tools, in particular Peertube, and to see how structures (associations, activists groups, etc.) can appropriate these tools.

Beyond the technical aspects, we will reflect together on how these tools allows us to free ourselves from opaque algorithms and even create our own platform, which can be integrated into a network that is both autonomous and interconnected.

The workshops will take place on Thursday 15 June from 9:30 to 16:00 in Saint-Gilles. The location will be soon confirmed and the full programme will be posted here.

Places are limited. Please register at:

These workshops will take place in the framework of the Echo Network meetings, in partnership with CEMEA and other European structures and in collaboration with Tactic, Constant, Radio Panik and ZinTv.

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Saint-Gilles | Sint-Gillis (Brussels)