An encounter with Framasoft

Founded some twenty years ago, Framasoft has made a major contribution to raising the profile of free software in France and the French-speaking world, initially through its free software directory, but also by making numerous online services available to the public. Among the best-known are Framadate, Framapad, Framaforms and Framalist, all of which can replace proprietary equivalents, particularly those from GAFAM. But over the years, the association has evolved, both in its activities and in its political positioning, restricting - and even closing - access to certain services to strengthen its awareness-raising work and turn towards popular education.

How did an association that initially claimed to be non-partisan gradually become aware of the political dimension of its work? And why did it choose popular education? During this meeting, Frédéric Urbain will go back over this process, before opening the floor to the audience for a collective discussion.

Every 2nd Monday of the month, DK’s critical reflection talks address digital-related topics (e.g. algorithms, surveillance capitalism, ecological impacts, etc.) and explore alternative ways of doing things (discovering free and ethical tools, unboxing smartphones, protecting communications, etc.).

These talks are organised by Constant’s partner Tactic.

Image credit : David Revoy (CC BY 4.0)

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