Project: Algolit

Algorithmic Wildlife

Constant member An Mertens will take part in this evening programme of Coded Matter(s) in De Brakke Grond in Amsterdam, with a presentation of her research on ’Algorithmic storytellers’. Other presenters are: rybn, Sjef Van Gaalen, Michelle Kasprzak.

More about Algorithmic Wildlife:

As humans increasingly delegate labour to ’smart’ computer systems, it’s time to reevaluate how we relate to the algorithmic species. Do they engage in ’smart’ or ’primitive’ behaviour? How autonomous are they, and what moral grounds have been embedded in them? From obscure high frequency traders to personable writers of prose, Algorithmic Wildlife will not just regard algorithms as alien systems of computation, but as performers, companions, esoteric experiments and curious specimens.

@ De Brakke Grond

Nes 45, 1012 KD Amsterdam, NL