ATNOFS: Chapter 2 - HYPHA

A Traversal Network of Feminist Servers is a collaborative project formed around intersectional, feminist, ecological servers whose communities travel between each other to share and extend their skills through live gatherings

The second encounter of the series will be hosted by HYPHA, a Romanian initiative aimed at building a digitally non-aligned local community. HYPHA’s main urgencies are the questioning of classist and gendered vocabularies within the technological apparatus, the support of knowledge-situated collective emancipation, and the engagement with new-materialist, eco-feminist and hacktivist possibilities of software actualizations and embodiments.

The joining networks ( Varia, LURK, Constant, Feminist Hack Meetings, and esc ) will dedicate two days to develop these ideas in theory and practice. The discussion will start from considering issues such as digital extractivism, machine learning, housing rights, queer and feminist approaches understood in the local context.
By engaging in dialogue with local activists and artists, the potentials of alternative tools for daily practice and for the dissemination of knowledge will be considered, concluding with a hands-on workshop to share the technical knowledge necessary to establish some basics for local networked infrastructure.


Bucharest, Romania