July 2019 - June 2020

  • May
  • "As a person immensely fascinated by accents and sounds, I have never imagined that one day I would discuss the negative impacts of sounds in my life."
    From 24 May until 22 September, Yared Yilma’s soundscapes will come to life in the window of Constant. You are welcome to the opening on (...)

  • July
  • Collective Conditions is a worksession which experiments with the generative potential of codes of conduct, complaints procedures, bug reports and copyleft licenses. We understand these socio-technical protocols as artistic and activist media and are curious about the role they can play in the (...)

  • A summery collection of on-line pages. Warps invite you to navigate to and through documentation, media and notes. Wefts are thematic constellations that establish relationships between different projects in the Constant Galaxy.
    The wefts and warps introduce a specific way of writing, (...)

  • September
  • Relearn is a collective learning experiment with as many teachers as it has participants. It is motivated by the possibility to displace parameters of/for research, studying and learning.
    This summer, Relearn is back in the form of a curve, transversing multiple times and spaces. Curl (...)

  • We listen with Yared Yilma to the sound installation. He will comment and contextualize the sounds.
    Nous écoutons avec Yared Yilma l’installation sonore. Il commentera et contextualisera les sons.
    We luisteren met Yared Yilma naar de geluidsinstallatie. Hij zal de geluiden becommentariëren en contextualiseren.

  • During the Cinema Sauvage film festival, Constant organises a brainstorm / writing session to create copyleft licenses, made especially for Wild Movies !
    Many artists, writers, filmmakers, software coders and other authors are supportive of the reuse and remixing of their work. For them, (...)

  • Gerichtstr. 23, Hof 5 13347 Berlin

  • The collaboration guidelines assembled by and for Constant set bouncy delimitations that curve, bend and resituate yet they need to offer protection when needed. In the next months, the window will be turned into a public drafting sheet for these guidelines. Michael Murtaugh developed a (...)

  • Conventional intellectual property law binds authors and their hybrid contemporary practices in a framework of assumed ownership and individualism. It conceives creations as original works, making collective, networked practices difficult to fit. Within that legal and ideological framework, (...)

  • This weekend, our friends at Varia in Rotterdam launch the 2nd edition of Networks Of One’s Own, a para-nodal periodic publication that is itself collectively written in a network. Each of the episodes is thought of as the ’release’ of a specific software stack, contextualised in its specific (...)

  • October
  • This weekend, our friends at Varia in Rotterdam launch the 2nd edition of Networks Of One’s Own, a para-nodal periodic publication that is itself collectively written in a network. Each of the episodes is thought of as the ’release’ of a specific software stack, contextualised in its specific (...)

  • Opening and publication launch: Thursday 10 October 18:00 - 21:00
    DiVersions experiments with online collections of cultural institutions as sites for decolonial and intersectional practice. Inspired by the way ’versioning’ functions in networked software tools, seven interactive media (...)

  • Debate organised by VIAA/PACKED in the context of DiVersions.
    Metadata of museal collections are generally thought of as static, but in reality they often include a degree of uncertainty or are subject to change. Therefore throughout time, new versions of datasets come into being, which may (...)

  • Iterations researches the conditions of artistic collaboration in a digital context. Conviviality, togetherness, institutions, transitory operating systems, documents as performance and other notions will be investigated by six artists who are invited to think, exchange and experiment (...)

  • In the morning we brainstorm on what & when for 2019/2020. In the afternoon we will move to De Pianofabriek.
    Algolit is a workgroup around FLOSS literature and code, they organise regular meetings following the Oulipo principle. There is no need for programming knowledge, but if you have (...)

  • November
  • This Warp* documents Networks with an attitude, a worksession (de)centralized around ’The internet is dead’ & ’Long live the internets’.
    Last April, 40 participants explored highly proprietary network structures and their potential future, naval protocols, historical and innovative ways (...)

  • Iterations is a collaborative trajectory committed to the future of artistic collaboration in a digital context. On the occasion of the opening of the exhibition Operating | Exploitation in Bozar Lab, an afternoon with reflective inputs is organised.
    With : Melanie Sehgal, Giulia Deval, (...)

  • ’Iterations #5: Operating / Exploitation’ is a collaborative work with inputs by: Mia Melvaer, Maxime Stifinner, Zoumana Meïté, Norbert Math, Iris Torruella Segura, Yoan Robin, Rosa Llop, Geraldine Juarez, Martin Rumori, Luis Rodil-Fernández.
    Exhibition: 08/11 - 24/11/2019 Tuesday -> Sunday (...)

  • Join us for the festive opening of Collective Conditions, a worksession which experiments with the generative potential of socio-technical protocols such as codes of conduct, complaints procedures, bug reports and copyleft licenses. For one week, a group of 35 artists, activists, theorists and (...)

  • At the last day of this collective residence in Ateliers Mommen, participants would like to share and discuss the ideas, observations and prototypes that emerged over the week.
    The Collective Conditions worksession experimented with the generative potential of socio-technical protocols such (...)

  • Constant will contribute to Right the Right, a three day event about the crisis in copyright. The contribution is a report on Authors of the Future. During this study day we tried to make a start with reimagining copyleft as a decolonial, feminist and collective practice.
    Right the Right (...)

  • Solidary with more different forms of life instead of less, with imagining another future with technology, with an ecological movement that looks beyond their own privileges, with algoliterary experiments and less optimisation, with artists and others who have emigrated to Belgium willingly or (...)

  • "You close your eyes and you arrive in a future about 200 years from now. The space where you arrive is an empty space, a void."
    From Thursday 28th November, the poetic sound and video installation by Wedknwyet will catch your eyes in the Constant window.
    In this installation, WDKY will (...)

  • December
  • Documentation, readinglist and other materials from Authors of the Future, a studyday on how to re-imagine copyleft licences for collective creative practices. With contributions by Eva Weinmayr, Daniel Blanga Gubbay, Severine Dusollier and Aymeric Mansoux.

  • Every year Constant commissions another designer or design collective using Free, Libre and Open Source tools, to work on the two-monthly flyers for Constant_V.
    Between 2018 and 2019, we collaborated with D-E-A-L, a Brussels based collective comprised of Quentin Jumelin and Morgane Le Ferec. (...)

  • In the framework of the exhibition in WIELS, Open Skies, Martino Morandi and Femke Snelting animate a guided tour through the history of URLs. Uniform Resource Locators (URLs), also known as web addresses, specify the location of a resource on a computer network. This once ubiquitous (...)

  • Measured poises, crowd noises invites you for a walk at the annual Christmas market in the centre of Brussels. Accompanied by the scent of gluhwein and croustillons, we will observe and discuss surveillance techniques that are currently being deployed at Winterpret and other major events in (...)

  • January 2020
  • In the framework of the collective exhibition MENSCH MASCHINE, curated by Thierry Vandenbussche and Privacy Salon and presented on the occasion of the Computer Privacy and Data Protection Conference (CPDP 2020) in Brussels, Constant proposes a ’reading corner’ filled with publications around (...)

  • Occupying the middle On Artistic Research and the Arts, Sciences and Technology transdisciplinary practices
    Constant is invited in a panel that is part of the closing event of BOZAR and JRC’s Datami exhibition, Culture Action (...)

  • The website of Books with an Attitude has been updated with the 2019 publications of Constant and friends. Feel free to discover the catalogues of Constant_V, Diversions and Data Workers; and the fascinating publications Footfall Almanac 2019 and Networks of One’s Own (Varia Zone).
    For each (...)

  • Until May 10, you can tune in to catch lists, descriptions and scores remixed and mashed-up by the movements in front of Constant’s office. The setup for footfall analysis installed in the window is not meant to manage crowds nor to predict store profits. It limits itself to poetic readings of (...)

  • Author-right laws regard audiovisual artworks as being original works, and its creators as isolated individuals. But whom do these laws serve? Many filmmakers position themselves as part of a culture that is social in character and widely networked. It foregrounds collectivity, sharing and (...)

  • February
  • What happens to artistic research when it is made public? As a contribution to the ongoing conversations in a.pass on the dynamics of publishing generated by technologies of artistic research, Zone Public (re)considers the conditions for dissemination of these specific forms of knowledge (...)

  • The organisers of the project Iterations met with editor researcher Jara Rocha and the experimental graphic designer Manetta Berends to work on the Iterations final publication tha will be launched in May 2020. They gathered materials and documentations, discussed content handles, experimented (...)

  • March
  • This Algolit session will be a special edition.
    We will leave with the train at 8:30 from Bruxelles-Midi to the beautiful Musée Royal de Mariemont near La Louvière.
    In the morning we will be visiting ’Une Anthologie’, an installation that Gijs de Heij & An Mertens made in the framework (...)

  • Constant decided a few things: To postpone as little activities as possible. To keep with our commitment to interdependent networks with an attitude. To resist the new normal of always-online. To not live these days as if this crisis is temporary.
    Especially now, we are happy to prolong the (...)

  • April
  • This Warp* documents the worksession Collective Conditions, a temporary research residency organised by Constant in collaboration with Ateliers Mommen, a place for artists to live and work. Collective Conditions was an experiment with the generative potential of socio-technical protocols such (...)

  • Following from a discussion that took place in the framework of DiVersions in Pianofabriek in October 2019, participants in Algolit and Mondotheque have tried over the last few months to address a blindspot in the way Paul Otlet has been portrayed in general, but also in their very projects. (...)

  • Weekly self-hosted broadcasts developed for and with XPUB, Piet Zwart Media Design Master in Rotterdam; every Thursday from 16:00-17:00.
    From the way the Latin alphabet has become ubiquitous in human-machine interfaces to the naturalized alignment of computation with binary separations, from (...)

  • Alongside the next-Iterations online mini-festival which takes place on 17 and 18 May 2020, Constant’s window is covered with the filtered words of the final Iterations publication. Over the past three years, this project has been a beautiful ride through the landscape of artistic (...)

    Over the past three years, Iterations has been a beautiful ride through the landscape of artistic collaboration. Now, there is a publication. We invite you to discover the many new starting points it offers during next-Iterations, a two-day contemplative, playfully (...)

  • Constant presents the project Authors of the future in the exhibition Copy Paste that is curated by Antonio Roberts as part of this years Piksel festival in Norway. If you will be in Bergen on the 6th of June you could attend to a streaming presentation we will do at 18:00
    "If you are an (...)

  • June
  • “Tools cannot be separated from the knowledge systems in which they have been imagined and made” Frozen Social Relations and Time for a Thaw: Visibility, Exclusions, and Considerations for Postcolonial Digital Archives by Martha Nell Smith, 2014
    Unbound Libraries is a worksession that (...)

  • The collaboration guidelines assembled by and for Constant set bouncy delimitations that curve, bend and re-situate ... yet they should provide something to hold on to when needed. They are an active articulation that stays open to corrections and modifications over time and throughout (...)

  • On Friday 5th of June, the worksession Unbound Libraries will come to an end.
    After a week of intensive research ’at-home’, the participants will gather online at 3pm for an informal sharing moment. They will share, discuss and show impressions of their research during the week. (...)

  • In seven on-line installations, artists show how digital collections of cultural institutions could welcome very different and even opposing views. Decolonial and intersectional perspectives call for a rethinking of on-line cultural heritage. What if we would arrange otherwise, invent material (...)

  • Iterations was a series of residencies, exhibitions, research meetings and artistic exchanges committed to investigate the future of artistic collaboration in digitally networked contexts. Iterations is now also a publication that creates and inspires new concepts and openings for works yet (...)