May 2021 - April 2022

  • April
  • This is the open call for: Session 2: BIDSTON OBSERVATORY, Liverpool UK Monday August 2 -> Sunday 7 August 2021
    The open call for Session 1 in Eben-Ezer, BE is here.
    Description The aim of the Down Dwars Delà sessions is to collectively assemble and study a tools-not-box (see it more as a (...)

  • Bureaucracktic Bedtime Stories is a collection of contributions in many media that originate from the worksession Bureaucracksy.
    You can still register to the publication Bureaucracktic Bedtime Stories untill June 1.
    This is a time base estaffette naration originating from artivist (...)

  • This the open call for: Session 1: EBEN-EZER TOWER, Bassenge, Belgium Monday July 12 -> Saturday July 17, 2021
    The open call for Session 2 in Bidston, UK, you can find here
    Description The aim of the Down Dwars Delà sessions is to collectively assemble and study a tools-not-box (see it (...)

  • The Capitalithothèque is a work in progress that attempts to develop ’perforalithic’ practices, chipping away at ubiquitous turbo capitalism. In its current form, Capitalithothèque is a collection of mineral debris sourced from various financial institutions in Brussels.
    The presentation in (...)

  • May
  • Constant_V is a series of small-scale installations in the window of the Constant office, at rue du Fortstraat 5 in Saint-Gilles. On Saturday May 8, Constant_V will move to the neighbours in the rue du Fortstraat. It is an invitation to discover the evolution of previously exhibited works and (...)

  • Testing 2, 1, 4. test. test.
    Radio Implicancies is back with eight weekly self-hosted broadcasts developed for and with XPUB, Piet Zwart Media Design Master in Rotterdam; Thursdays from 16:00-17:00.
    Radio Implicancies emits the signals of changing constellations, bringing forth different (...)

  • June
  • The CC4r articulates conditions for re-using authored materials. It is inspired by the principles of Free Culture but tries to respond to a growing discomfort with licenses that remain bound to the idea of authorship as ownership and which rely on an universalist approach to openness. The CC4r (...)

  • A cartographic installation by the collective Technopolice will be hosted in Constant’s window.
    Opening: Wednesday June the 30th, 2021 at 18:00
    The deployment of "Smart city" (security) tools aiming at controlling, monitoring, classifying, punishing in order to orient and regulate (...)

  • July
  • As of 1 July 2021, Constant discontinues it’s membership of the Free Software Foundation.
    This withdrawal does not change Constant’s continued commitment to software released under conditions that invite users to run, copy, distribute, study, change and improve.
    With many others, Constant (...)

  • Z33 and Constant are very happy to announce the launch of the collective publication of Alchorisma. The result is an online platform designed by Dorian and Gijs from Open Source Publishing.
    The launch will happen online July 1 19:30-21 CEST, on this platform: (...)

  • The documentation of Unbound Libraries is there!
    Unbound Libraries was a worksession that happened in June 2020. It was the first worksession of Constant entirely online as covid had made its entry into our realities. For this documentation, we decided to invite 4 participants of the (...)

  • September
  • It’s hard not to notice them, cameras are everywhere!
    In the streets, in the offices, in the lobbies, in the stores...
    How did this surveillance method develop until it became omnipresent? What budgets are allocated to it? With what objectives or justifications? How are they distributed in (...)

  • MARCH is a journal of art & strategy that embraces publishing as an act of protest to address the critical social and political issues of our time.
    MARCH launches their first long term inquiry, Publishing As Protocol, which aims to explore the relationship between self-organizational (...)

  • Opening: Thursday 23 September 2021 18:00 > 22:00 @ Constant
    LATOS, SLATO, OTLAS and TALOS are among the names from which a group of researchers (Ayoh Kré, Lionel Maes, Deborah Levy & Antoine Wang) operate. What they have in common is that their privileged fields of study are made up of (...)

  • October
  • What we learn and how we learn are closely related. Now that digital learning seems to have become a new norm, it is important to be able to read and understand the digital tools that we use and allow artistic knowledge to play a role in this.
    This collaboration with KASK, School of Arts in (...)

  • November
  • With: Constant + Nubo Languages: EN / FR / NL (to be defined on site)
    In the framework of the SOTA fair arts Almanac 2022
    This session interrogates the ethics of the digital devices, the services, platforms and softwares which we use as artists, designers, organisers and people working (...)

  • Constant participated at a working visit to the Basque Country for art professionals from Flanders on November 15, 16 and 17, 2021. This visit was organised by the Etxepare Basque Institute and Kunstenpunt and it took place in the cities of San Sebastian, Bilbao and Vitoria-Gasteiz.
    The goal (...)

  • A workshop - discussion with the artists around the installation Talking Network by LATOS showed currently in the window of Constant.
    Thursday 18 - 11 - 2021 14:00 > 17:00
    Room Calcutta @ Pianofabriek, rue du Fortstraat 35, 1060 St-Gilles | Sint-Gillis
    Limited number of places. Please (...)

  • Is it possible for algorithms to read a poetic story in an archive of news articles on digital surveillance, updated daily by the same person for fifteen years? Can algorithms read a similar story in the texts of a database as that which is told by its creator?
    The members of the collective (...)

  • Constant was invited to participate to the project Teaching the Radical Catalogue: A syllabus. The initiators of the project Eva Weinmayr and Lucie Kolb aim at developing a syllabus for the study of cultures of searching and finding in libraries of the global North.
    Femke Snelting and (...)

  • Constant is in Transmediale’s Almanac for Refusal!
    Elodie Mugrefya was invited to contribute to the last cycle of the Almanac for Refusal, part of the now year-long Transmediale Festival. This work is a continuation of the research started within Constant_V under the title How does it (...)

  • A wintery collection of on-line pages. Warps invite you to navigate to and through documentation, media and notes. Wefts are thematic constellations that establish relationships between different projects in the Constant Galaxy.
    The wefts and warps introduce a specific way of writing, (...)

  • December
  • With: Agustin Ramos Anzorena, Diego Valverde, Isabel Paehr & Ren Loren Britton
    About the Workshop: Talk about a time when you consented to something and that experience of expressing consent made you really glad to have done it.
    This DIWO (Do it With Others) workshop will explore (...)

  • An installation of projects and performances
    Opening: 16/12 18:00 - 22:00
    Places are limited, please reserve a slot here: Masks are madatory.
    Down Dwars Delà is a trio of words from English, Dutch and French. These aren’t translations but instead (...)

  • January 2022
  • The workshop will focus on how the poetic installation - still on show in the window of Constant - was created. We will look into the code, the database and we will propose to create new versions based on the same corpus.
    Expect a massive amount of texts on big data and surveillance, Python (...)

  • February
  • The article Study, Practice and Proximate Critique that Élodie Mugrefya and Peter Westenberg wrote for MARCH, journal of art & strategy, briefly collects some thoughts to relate the work of Constant to publishing as an act of: tool thinking, generating publicness, being together, (...)

  • Nubo is a Belgian cooperative with respect for privacy. Founded by a team of free and open source representatives, the coop provides email and cloud subscriptions to empower users to break free from GAFAM’s spell and take back control of their digital lives.
    To celebrate the launch of an (...)

  • online

  • March
  • Constant member Martino Morandi gave a guest session Platformization + Allagmatics in the context of the research project Ethics and Aesthetics of an Open Server organised by Peter Westenberg, hosted and supported by KASK school of Arts in Gent.
    The Ethics and Aesthetics research (...)

  • Opening: Wednesday 09-03-2022 18:00 -> 21:00 @ Constant Encounter at the café Lagrange: Wednesday 30-03-2022 17:00 -> 19:00 @ Lagrange Points, Huidevettersstraat 114 Rue des Tanneurs, 1000 Brussels
    Computational Arabic is an ongoing work series, collected by Rita-Josy Haddoub and addressing (...)

  • A Traversal Network of Feminist Servers is a collaborative project formed around intersectional, feminist, ecological servers whose communities travel between each other to share and extend their skills through live gatherings
    In the first chapter, hosted in Varia, we will focus on tools and (...)

  • The article Collectively Setting Conditions for Re-Use details Constant’s alignements with Free Culture across time and examines the questions and necessities raised in the document Collective Conditions for (re)use (CC4r).
    "The Collective Conditions for Re-Use (CC4r) license is one of many (...)

  • We invite potential participants across disciplines to apply for contributing to the final session of our Weak Signaaal program, on the 23rd of June, under the theme of Spongy coexistence. The contribution format is open, but can for example take the form of an afternoon program, a workshop, a (...)

  • A Traversal Network of Feminist Servers is a collaborative project formed around intersectional, feminist, ecological servers whose communities travel between each other to share and extend their skills through live gatherings
    The second encounter of the series will be hosted by HYPHA, a (...)

  • This article examines Constant’s Reparative Approach to Publishing.
    In a wide array of materials and methods, from thermal printers to talking servers and “algoliterary” poetry, many forms of publications come out of Constant’s projects and networks. What they often have in common is not so (...)