During 2023 Constant’s research focuses on artistic-activist resistances against technological dominations from state control regimes as well as from GAFAM corporations.

Through worksessions, workshops and artistic research commission, Constant looks at techniques of disobedience as a means to question and resist the paradigm of an all-controlling and regulating technology.

If civil disobedience illustrates how one can and should disobey a law they consider unjust, technological disobedience is posed here as a question: what obligations do we feel are put forward by Big PATCH (Patriarcho-colonial Big-Tech progress) and what it could mean to disagree, refuse, disobey them?

In everyday life, one can already notice tiny forms of defection from the unspoken but deeply felt obligations to consume, to keep up to date, to be connected, to produce, to pose oneself as a data-subject. But...

  • Do you sometimes enter or exit from the open doors of the metro without scanning your transport card?
  • Do you keep a little manual lid covering your camera on your laptop or phone?
  • Do you always try to repair your devices before buying new ones?

From mundane individual acts to collective coordinated acts of refusal, techno-disobedience is multiple and pervasive.

Every time period carries its own need to disobey, but how is this knowledge transferred? To answer this question, we will dig up previous tools of resistance to revitalise the ground and we will consider how to best reclaim tech and recognise this push to be about labour, care, anti-racism, queer life and trans*feminist techno-politics.

The collective research that arises aims to connect and cross-pollinate, find new pathways to circumvent, detour and resist the social and political expectations that come with the authoritarian turbo-capitalist frameworks of Big PATCH.

Let’s jam together sinuous paths of entangled and liveable techno-lives.

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