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Samedies: Women & free software

The workgroup "Samedies: Women & free software" brought together a diverse group of women to learn about building, maintaining or simply understanding a server.

Organised in collaboration with Scumgrrls, Domaine Public, Constant, Ada (Network Women and technology plus other individual participants, these workshops aimed to collaboratively develop knowledge of systems, servers and services in the context of social and political issues surrounding technology.

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Samedies #20: Hosting cms eo

Host projects: wikis, spip, mediawiki, dokuwiki, wordpress and other.

Samedies #19: Mysql, Trac & toolkit

Workgroups MySQL & TRAC Brainstorm on future interventions at IF3 Brainstorming for the "toolkit" : how to react to sexist clichés Brainstorming on closing samedies in (...)

Samedies #18: Running projects

Workgroups svn & mysql, dealing with dns & nameserver. And as usual: collective problemsolving, lunch & closure

Samedies #17: Reconnecting Amaya & working groups

The ladies of Samedies will reconnect the server Amaya, reconfigure and reinstall her and start organising work groups to keep her going in a good and fertile (...)

Samedies #8: Configure & observe

Because French is the current language at the Samedies, the rest of this article will be in French. C’est la rentrée des Samedis, femmes et logiciels libres, une série de rencontres qui ont débuté (...)

Samedies #9: Install, configurations, organisation

Because the current language of the Samedies is French, the following message will be in French. Tx for your comprehension! Amaya (notre machine :-) dispose maintenant d’un serveur Web (Apache) (...)

Samedies #10: Legal aspects

Responsabilities of maintaining a server and questions on privacy

Samedies #11: Last make-up Amaya

The common language at the Samedies is French, therefore the rest of this message is in French. Amaya (notre machine :-) dispose maintenant d’un serveur Web (Apache), de bases de données (MySQL) (...)

Samedies #12: launch Amaya

Common language at the Samedies is French, therefore this message is continued in French. Nous ne savons pas encore si Amaya sera notre plaine de jeux et de tests, un abri pour des projets (...)

Samedies #13: Re-play

The common language in the Samedies is French, therefore the following message is in French: Deuxième expérience nomade : après un accueil à l’asbl Constant vzw, les Samedis se dérouleront aux (...)