This piece of equiment has been discontinued.
From now on we shall no longer provide updates or new features on this equipment model. please update your connections to the new and improved Radia Website (http://www.radia.fm/). Upgrade is free, painless and amazingly easy.

The Radia Network results from the meeting of ten partners. It is producing radio stuff that is hard to describe. Some of it can be labeled radio art, or experimental radio, or creative radio. Sometimes it talks, sometimes it doesn’t. It can be noisy, or a kind of soundscape, or a documentary, a document, a talk, a performance. Each and every week, one of the partners will provide the network with one new 1-hour program, commissioned and produced especially for this purpose : being broadcast by all the partners and made available online. The producers will publish those programs under an open license.

Some things have to be said about all those partners. They are radio stations, of the independent, non-commercial, community-based species (with one exception : Kunstradio is a radio program on a public radio station). They all speak different languages, and this should create interesting problems. At the moment they are all European radio stations : Radia should grow, becoming not only larger but also more diverse.