Digitales: Meeting Days on Feminism & Technology

The impact of technology transforms our daily lives, our relationship with our work, with communications and even with maternity. The economic, social and cultural issue of "mastering the new technologies" is serious : will they become a tool for the liberalisation of trade, doubled with a structure for control and supervision or a formidable place for creativity, information and a tool for equality and cultural participation in international development ? Neither conference, nor forum, Digitales were continuous days of practical and theoretical work, organised in a matrix-place for women’s vocational training and in other physical and virtual places, opening a new space for thinking and creating, appropriation and autonomy, memory and discovery. If it is important to attract women - and girls’ dreams - towards sciences and technologies for women to handle these tools, they must not become a new way of alienation for them.

The Digitales meetings took place in Brussels in the Interface3 asbl training centre for women in new technologies and also in Antwerp in 2004, in the training center ATEL, in the framework of the ADA project, the aim of which is to stimulate, to bring together, to convince other partners and actors to reflect on and set up strategies and actions in order to dismantle prejudices concerning the nature of women and the computers / ITC, as well as promoting women’s access to quality jobs in this sector. These meetings brought together women in training, their trainers, researchers, artists, activists, political and labour representatives, etc.

The Digitales meetings were an opportunity to imagine strategies for women in the globalized economy by confronting different views, methods and publics. Calling on memories and dreams, they will look with an informative and critical view on the deep social, geographical, demographic, economic, political and technological transformations of our contemporary society.

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