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Adashboard (for fiction): Science-fiction as a tool and experiments in digital narratives

In a predigital area An Mertens would have been the type of author struggling with small cards in large drawers, trying to keep everything categorized alphabetically and with a 100 different colors. Lucky to have been born in the seventies, she can now use digital flexible systems, add and delete as it pleases her.

Adashboard (for fiction) hosted a.o. following items:

* (radio)sessions on women’s and non occidental science fiction, parallel futures and technologies in music, and any interesting work that question the ideas of identity, language, domination, classification, gender and sampling.

* reflections on and experiments with ’new media literacy’ and comments on new formats of digital narrative.

PS: language: language is not neutral. The English text your read on this page.blog is not neutral, it is written by a Dutch speaking person. Who decides upon the standards? How can we consciously politicize language as non-native English, as women, as"¦ ? How can we open up texts and stories through different languages? Consider this an absolute free space: congratulate and despise formulations, references, invent and create, punish and demolish!


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