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Vereniging voor Kunst en Media
Association pour les Arts et le Media
Vereniging voor Kunst en Media


CONSTANT is a Brussels association founded in 1997 with the objective of promoting, to the public and among artists, creative and/or critical works using new media in dialogue with other forms of expression. To do this, Constant organises exhibitions, conferences, workshops, publishes texts, with a view to developing the current media discourse.

CONSTANT offers artists a network which provides technical and financial support. This network presents an environment which permits artists to bring their work face to face with other recent work in the context of exhibitions and festivals. Our sphere of activity embraces 'traditional' media (film, video) as well as the newcomers (CD-ROM, Internet) and we are studying various ways of presenting all these different media: exhibitions in museums, videotheques, programmes for cinemas, radio broadcasts, Internet sites. Constant also works at bringing together artists and the public during debates, conferences and workshops.

CONSTANT is an independent platform. This permits it to associate equally with existing institutions and alternative groups, journalists and critics. This also allows it to occupy sites of differing natures: traditional exhibition halls, movie theatres, temporary occupation of commercial sites, double-decker bus, cybercafés...

CONSTANT organises an annual festival of new media entitled Verbindingen/ Jonctions (Connections)

contact: - tel & fax: ++ 32 2 539 24 67