Write, I will Scream: Wild Cry on Verboeckhoven square.

A letterbox. A megaphone. Words of citizens. Those are the ingredients of the performance The Wild Cry that writer / town crier Delphine Auby has carried out in the framework of the project La Langue Schaerbeekoise.

Auby asks people to give her their written / spoken words about their environment. She knits them together in a poetic / confronting message / story that will be shouted in public during the performance.

Her performance builds on almost forgotten professions such as the town crier and the public writer which helped formulate the words of people and conveyed personal messages in public places.

Ten days before the performance, a box is installed in the square : people can bring messages that would be heard in the streets of Schaerbeek during the performance. One day before the performance Delphine Auby installs an open air office where she assists people to write.

More info (in French) : http://ecrivezjecrierai.unventdunord.be/-Criees-a-venir-.html

@ Place Verboeckhovenplein

1030 Brussel / Bruxelles

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