VJ11.4 Semiotics of the kitchen radio: Verbindingen/Jonctions 11.4

What is Constant cooking? Which are the experiments, questions, techniques and words they are combining? With Verbindingen/Jonctions 11 Constant invites you into the heart of her daily practice. As of the 11th edition, the yearly Verbindingen/Jonctions festival mutates into a more punctual structure.
V/J11.4: Open Source Publishing presents a live broadcast from the FoAM kitchentable.

Starting from Martha Rosler’s classic performative alphabet Semiotics of the Kitchen, OSP will experiment with the displacement of multi sensory experiences, and think out loud about the preparation and distribution of food as metaphor, structure, vocabulary and rhythm.

With amongst others: an interview with artist Kate Rich about cooking and trade, a conversation with Nicolas Malevé about Cake PHP frameworks and other recipes, a reportage on Colruyt computersystems, The Swedish Cook, a text-to-speech cookbook, instructions for producing a manual, a foley artist, a ‘Comédie de moeurs’ and of course a mouthwatering playlist.

@ FoAm, Koolmijnenkaai 30-34, Brussels and on-line