Transmedia - Workshop 2003: Empowerment as practice

Workshop - seminar on the notion of empowerment, in the framework of the postgraduate in art-media-design in Sint-Lukas Hogeschool, Brussels

The idea of empowerment refers to the possibility for ’users’, ’audience’ to work with the creations of artists and add a new dynamic to it. Instead of being mere consumers of an artwork, the audience gains control and mastery over the art making practice. We are interested in how this way of creating has implications for the user. How is the ’user’ , ’participant’ empowered by the fact that he has the possibility to ’create’. We are not referring to the ’every one an author’ or ’everyone a producer’ idea, we are talking about the active use of a creation of an artist by the audience or another artist. How is art, knowledge and information created by this kind of ’interaction-participation’? What does this mean for the relationship between artist and public? What are the consequences for the work itself? How do artists come to stand versus each others work?


@ Brussels