Sustainable Models for Shared Culture: a set of policy recommendations

Jaron Rowan from Conservas/FcForum will do a short presentation of a booklet aimed at analyzing and understanding the economic models that sustain free cultural practices to later suggest a set of policiy reccomendations aimed at helping this emerging sector to develope. After an initial phase in which free/libre culture emerged, grew and spread, we are now faced with an urgent need to re-think and transform the existing economic frameworks that govern the way culture is produced, financed and funded. We now need to define and promote innovative strategies that make cultural practices sustainable and empower the wealth of society in general. In the following presentation we will discuss some of these issues and possible solutions.

This work has been written collaboratively by CONSERVAS/Xnet, Stichting Kennisland, World-Information Institute and the National Hellenic Research Foundation Documentation Centre (NHRF/EKT)

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