Stitching Stories

Ping, the association for multimedia ressources and innovative projects in Nantes, invited Constant to host the creation workshop with elderly people in the framework of ’Rejoignez-nous - soyes branché-e-s’.

Nicolas Malevé, Wendy Van Wynsberghe, Peter Westenberg and An Mertens will invite the participants to reflect upon their relation to the places where they worked (in the large sense of the word: not only the factories and offices but also the places where they executed household works). From there they will imagine the utopian work place and look at the obstacles for implementing it in a future city.
The stories based on interviews, will be implemented on two sound cartographies, a physical one - on textile - and a virtual one - on line.

The final work will be presented during a public moment on Friday, from 16h onwards. It will also be part of the larger exhibition in March 2011 during the SONOR festival.

@ Maison de quartier du Breil-Malville

52 rue du Breil
44100 Nantes