Relearn 2017 - call for participation

This summer Relearn is travelling to Rotterdam. After the organisers collected track proposals in the previous weeks, they are now looking for participants to make this week of relearning happen (29/08 - 02/09).

Relearn is a collective learning experiment with as many teachers as it has participants. It is motivated by the possibility to displace parameters of/for research, studying and learning. During the week of Relearn, we work with a set of case-studies, observations, questions or stacks of study material that we call "tracks". Relearn outlines the idea of resetting thinking modes, for a diverse set of approaches that we can reconsider, that come out of the development of our cultures towards and through digital entities.

This year’s Relearn general focus is to reconsider forms of self-organising in regard to both machinic systems and social formations. We started to use the term "co-autonomies" to refer to these ideas. We hope to make use of the proposed tracks as a looking glass to reconstruct notions of agency and consider ways of maintaining them. Particularly within the current political and economic vortex, we would like to discover ways in which co-autonomies can be re-explored, re-shared and re-created from many different angles.

For all the practical details, please visit

@ Poortgebouw

Stieltjesstraat 38, 3071 JX Rotterdam