Project: Iterations

Iteraties #5: lezingen en performance

Het collaboratief traject Iteraties onderzoekt de collectieve artistieke praktijk in een digitale context. Ter gelegenheid van de opening van de tentoonstelling Operating / Exploitation in Bozar Lab organiseren we een namiddag met presentaties en reflectieve input.

Met : Melanie Sehgal, Giulia Deval, Nayari Castillo. Moderation : Shusha Niederberger

Melanie Sehgal : Techniques as Mode of Relating, Thinking with a
Transdisciplinary Experiment

Melanie Sehgal is professor of Literary, Scientific and Media Studies at the European University of Viadrina, Frankfurt. Her talk explores the notion of practice as an ecology (Stengers) in interdisciplinary work, questioning how to practically do this thing that is ’relating’ following ’diffraction’ (Haraway, Barad) as a method used in the project TRANSFORMATION that she developed together with artist Alex Martinis Roe.

Giulia Deval : Phonotrasparence
Giulia Deval is active as artist and researcher in the field of sound and visual arts. Her performance Phonotrasparence uses field recordings, magnetic tape and a sound suit. It reflects on the body as a deposit and transmitter of sounds, an involuntary reservoir and intersection of trajectories determined by a rest or a walk. The work was born during Trasformatorio, the first phase of Iterations held in Sicily, and evolved over time. It started from the concept of "phonotransparency", the ability of the acoustic fabric to absorb sound by transforming a good part of the acoustic energy that passes through the material into another type of energy, such as heat.

Nayari Castillo
Artist and researcher Nayari Castillo specialises in art in public space that engages with history, time and space. Following examples of artist collectives and collaborations, her presentation will investigate collaboration strategies and modalities of working together, and the common grounds, dialogues and processes they produce.

Shusha Niederberger
Shusha Niederberger is research associate for the SNF funded research project "œCreating Commons" based at the IFCAR Institute for Contemporary Art Research, ZHDK. As lecturer on contemporary net culture she is connected to the F+F Schule fÁ¼r Kunst und Desing, ZÁ¼rich. She works as eductaional program curator at HeK (House of electronic Arts Basel)

  • De namiddag is in het Engels. Vertalingen in het Frans en het Nederlands zijn beschikbaar.
  • Het programma start om 14u00 en loopt to 18u00.
  • Gevolgd door de opening van de tentoonstelling Operating / Exploitation
  • Deuren openen om 13:30 uur, ingang aan de Baron Hortastraatstraat 11, 1000 Brussel, naast Cinematek.
  • Reserveren via de website van Bozar:

@ Rotunda Bertouille

BOZAR, Centre for fine arts
Rue Ravensteinstraat 23
1000 Brussels