Variable Loop ! #5

A series of ultrashort presentations about experimental projects developed in the studios of ’Variable’ in Schaerbeek. You’re welcome to discover the high quality creations, the artists and designers and their technologies.

Variable is a collective artist workspace in Schaerbeek. It houses Open Source Publishing, Open Hardware Lab, Libre Video Lab and Open Sound Lab. Artists active in different disciplines work with free software, open source and vintage hardware, and publish their work under open licenses.

This Brussels "Free Libre Open Source Software Arts Lab" is unique in Europe. It is an initiative of vzw Constant, an association for arts and media, that ows their international reputation to their wacky avant-garde activities and hyperserious technologies.

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Station Brussel-Kapellekerk / Gare Bruxelles-Chapelle
rue des Ursulinesstraat 25
1000 Bruxxel