Libre Graphics Meeting 2014

LGM2014: 2-5 April in Leipzig, Germany

Four days of hacking, workshops, meetings, talks and presentations on Libre Graphics software and creative use. Join us in Leipzig to meet developers, designers, artists and discover new tools and experiments! Activities contributed by Constant members:

Systems Design: workshop with Christoph Haag. A visual brainstorm about alternative software workflows.

Relearn Summerschool: presentation with Constant Variable. Relearn is a temporary artschool that has as many teachers as it has participants.

Free culture aware educators in art and design education: a meeting organised with 80c and Larisa Blasic, an opportunity for exchange between people interested in the link between free culture and art and design education.

Ethertoff release announcement: presentation by OSP of a wiki built around the popular Etherpad software, designed for fluid transitions between writing, editing and designing.

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The annual Libre Graphics Meeting is free for all to attend. Please support LGM2014 — all donations go towards reimbursing travel-costs for those that gather at LGM to make our Libre Graphics toolbox better:

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@ Universität Leipzig

Paulinum, Hauptgebäude, Augustusplatz 10-11, Leipzig