Freedom of Association in the Networked Workplace

A workshop proposed by The Strickland Distribution, an artist-run group supporting the development of independent research in art-related and non-institutional practices. The workshop runs parallel to the yearly Computers, Privacy & Data Protection conference.

Ongoing developments in IT and social media are changing the boundaries and structure of the workplace, causing a blurring of distinctions between private and work-related activities. This is raising new issues in regard to the extent of surveillance applied by businesses towards their employees. Attempts to control workplace communications are however conflicting with a number of basic employment rights. This workshop seeks to address these issues with a specific focus on the potential impacts of emerging surveillance cultures on the rights of Freedom of Association in the networked workplace. It aims to bring together a range of researchers and union activists with a view to building a more substantial network for investigation, analysis and intervention.

@ Constant Variable

Rue Gallait – Gallaitstraat 80, 1030 Brussels