Fathers of the Internet

@ Constant Variable

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In 2013, Belgium universalist, pacifist and feminist Paul Otlet was recognized as ’a founding father of the Internet’. Simultaneously, Google adopted the remains of Otlet’s archive at the Mundaneum in Mons, not only home town of prime minister Elio Di Rupo but also conveniently located next to their large datacenter in St. Ghislain. Since than, the Mundaneum proudly advertises itself as Google on paper and The great ancestor of Google. We think it is time to tell some other stories.

Research presentations and discussion as part of an ongoing exploration of the entanglements of artificial intelligence, patronage and government.

With contributions by a.o Dick Reckard, Natacha Roussel, Marcell Mars and Femke Snelting.



La Mondothèque est une plateforme d’expérimentation sur l’héritage de l’universaliste et documentaliste Paul Otlet : dessins, images, systèmes, idées. Le projet porte le nom de La Mondothèque ; la conception d’Otlet en 1934 pour un appareil imaginaire, une machine de recherche qui pourrait être à la (...)