Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Digital Work

Digital Work was both a conference and a workshop organised by the Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam. Constant was invited to join the workshop and Laurence Rassel gave a lecture in the panel settled in V2.

- The workshop -
The students of the Piet Zwart Institute ’section Design) were divided in 4 teams and were asked to make an investigation over their conditions of work in the year 2010. The students were coming from different disciplines(from marketing, visual arts, media communication ...). They went on various places in Rotterdam to inspect work places and to make interview.

- The seminar -
On the following questions: How do we work now with digital media? Have we shifted from a work culture based on the ambience of clubs to one locked inside cubicles? Has media design become rationalised to the point of complete predictability or is there still room for creativity and fundamental innovation?

See thePiet Zwart website and transcription on seminar, and also theimage gallery section

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