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Rue Gallaitstraat 80 - 1030 Brussels


In Schaarbeek you can hear heritage, litterally. Throughout the many languages that are spoken in this part of Brussels, one finds traces of various migration waves that have changed the neighbourhood. During this walk we look for stories and expressions of and about heroes of the past and the present. We look at how they contributed to ’the big city’.

Non-stop between 10.30h and 17h, In French & Dutch.
Guided walk at 14h: max. 20 persons, please book via or 0498 49 30 19

In collaboration with Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest en de Gemeente Schaarbeek


Langue Schaerbeekoise / Schaarbeekse Taal

La Langue Schaerbeekoise gathers words and terms spoken by the many different people living in the Cage aux Ours neighborhood of Schaerbeek.
La Langue Schaerbeekoise récolte à travers des rencontres autour de la Cage aux Ours les mots utilisés par les différents groupes de population du quartier.
De Schaarbeekse Taal verzamelt woorden die bewoners rond de Berenkuil dagelijks gebruiken, maar die niet zijn opgenomen in de officiële talen van Brussel.