Blender + Python

Monthly workshop focusing on Blender + Python. We have been quite chaotic the last months due to too much work and a too nice summer. But we’re back and start this academic year with a workshop (...)

Code, text and text-to-speech

Constant members Michael Murtaugh and An Mertens will give a workshop on text, code and text-to-speech in the framework of the Hackers and Designers Summercamp organised in De Punt in Amsterdam. (...)

Frankenstein Chatbot Parade

"I’m the other, the different, the stranger, the supplement, the late-comer, the non-foreseen. Being not an animal, nor man, not god, I don’t take part in the primitive scene, and that’s why one is (...)

Python for Literary Creation

OLA is the TLA for the Parisian organisation Outils Libres Alternatifs (Alternative Free Tools). They will host a workshop with An Mertens on using Python code for literary creation. A line of (...)

Python week

From 12 to 16 September 2011, Les Samedies (Women and Free Software) organise a week of Python. Every morning we meet in the Gallait House to teach ourselves this programming (...)

Text & code or algoliterature

Kask, School of Arts in Gent, is organising a project week on the topic of Open Tools. Students from 9 different ateliers will collaborate. Constant member An Mertens is invited by the Media Art (...)

Writing with film

Algolit is a project of Constant, a workgroup around i-littérature, free code and text. On Tuesday 23rd February 2016 (10-18h) Gijs De Heij will lead a hands-on workshop on building libraries of (...)