AA Videowiki presentation in Archipel conference

In the framework of the digitalisation project ’Archipel’ Constant developed the ’Active Archives Videowiki’ in collaboration with BAM. During the closure event of the Archipel project Michael (...)

Active Taxonomies

The Active Archive team presents their ongoing work at the Fundació Antoni Tàpies. The meeting with several other Spanish cultural institutions is organised in the context of Arts combinatòries, a (...)

Active Archives

Research and development of free software in collaboration with cultural institutions.

Active Archives Arteleku

In collaboration with Arteleku, Constant organised a worksession dedicated to the exchange of video material and a introductory lecture with interventions by Jorge Blasco Gallardo and Michael (...)

Active Archives: archiving starts now

How can taxonomies of various cultural institutions be brought into relation? How could we develop tools that map differences, variations and overlaps? In what way can we facilitate negotiations (...)

Life Archives (Kurenniemi). Archive in Motion, workshop

The Archive in Motion investigates the ways in which archival concepts and practices have been transformed under the impact of the radical changes in writing and recording technologies. Archive (...)

Audio Archive

A selection of sounds, radio-broadcasts, conferences and other types of recordings that have been produced in conjunction with Constant events.

Close Encounters: Active Archives

In the context of the series Close Encounters, Nicolas Malevé, Femke Snelting and a.pass researcher Pierre Rubio will discuss the long history of Active Archives. Active Archives started in 2006 (...)

Club Variable: Emma Hedditch

Emma Hedditch is an artist from the UK who has been staying at the Constant Variable residency since early October. Emma makes performances and videos, and volunteers for Cinenova, a film and (...)

Data Radio: Erkki Kurenniemi (in 2048) @ Kiasma

Constant members Michael Murtaugh and Nicolas Malevé present a second iteration of the Data Radio in the framework of the Kurenniemi’s retrpospective in Kiasma. The project is a webradio that (...)

Data Radio: Erkki Kurenniemi (in 2048)

Constant members Michael Murtaugh and Nicolas Malevé present a project that investigates the vast body of material generated by Finnish artist, nuclear scientist, futurologist and technology (...)

Dataradio @ Variable

In the framework of the Data Radio project, Michael and Nicolas organize a live listening session of the Kurenniemi audiocassette’s archive. They will be joined by Yves Poliart and other (...)

DiVersions: archive

DiVersions took place from 4 to 11 December 2016 and was inspired by the way versions are inscribed in daily software-practice. With 35 participants we explored how we could produce divergent (...)

Eleven Orderings

Eleven Orderings is a proposal by Michael Murtaugh and Nicolas Malevé to revisit the collection of documents of the Norwegian artist Guttorm Guttormsgaard, some 25 000 items collected throughout (...)

Expanded Publications #10: Oral Site

Sneak preview by Sarma & Constant Oral Site is a new open source software and website that Myriam Van Imschoot develops with a team of programmers, writers and sound specialists of Sarma, (...)

Free Libraries for Every Soul

Long before the slogan ’Information wants to be Free’ was coined, the founder of the modern library Melvil Dewey (1851-1931) had a dream. He believed in ’Free Libraries for Every Soul’. (...)

From image to data, about a dividing line

Michael Murtaugh and Nicolas Malevé will contribute to the seminar Document, fiction et droit, organised by ArBa-EsA and the University of Aix-Marseille. Their presentation will focus on the (...)

Let’s build a library together

Let’s Build a Library Together invites designers, artists, theoreticians, hackers, librarians and activists to join forces during an intense week of discussion, collective prototyping and exchange (...)

Mondothèque at Otlet Salons

Femke represents Mondothèque at the Mundaneum Edition of the Otlet Salons, a "network event that aims to foster new cooperation across the borders of disciplines, institutions and society." With (...)

Online Archive: Erkki Kurenniemi (In 2048)

For Documenta 13 Constantmembers Nicolas Malevé and Michael Murtaugh are developing a series of experiments in connection with the archive of Erkki Kurenniemi, the Finnish artist and technology (...)

Open weekends

Every Saturday and Sunday you’re welcome to pop in and visit our Take Away Archive, the exhibitions of the other organisations, the bar, the Rue de la Senne/Zennestraat 17: Constant, (...)

Opening Zennestraat 17 rue de la Senne

Constant presents during the opening weekend of this temporarily shared space: Room 2 - Take Away Archive A retrospective of books, posters and flyers, published by Constant since 1997. A (...)

Post-digital Archive Experience

Peter Westenberg and An Mertens are invited to Aalborg University, to give a workshop and a masterclass for a group of students of the Erasmus JMD program in Media Arts Cultures. This program is (...)

Programa público Marginalia, Anarchivo sida

The Marginalia project developed by Aimar Arriola articulates a proposal of critical reactivation of the Pepe Espaliú Library: Various collectives are (...)

Project presentation

Presentation of a research and possible development of free software in collaboration with cultural institutes (software-modules, presentations, exchange (...)

SICV (Scandinavian Institute of Computational Vandalism)

The archive activists Michael Murtaugh, Nicolas Malevé and Ellef Prestsæter together present the installation The Scandinavian Institute of Computational Vandalism. During the opening, which will (...)

SICV @ Transmediale

Constant members Michael Murtaugh and Nicolas Malevé share their archive activism experiences during the panel discussion at Transmediale, Berlin. ’Archive, Curate, Educate: Active Media Arts’ (...)

Scandinavian Institute of Contemporary Comparative Vandalism, workshop

A workshop that takes as a starting point the archive of the Scandinavian Institute of Comparative Vandalism (SISV) initiated by Asger Jorn in 1961 with Peter Glob and Werner Jacobsen. Together (...)

Seminar Sound + Art: Curating and Interfacing Archives

As part of Systemics #1 programme, Kunsthal Aarhus hosts a public seminar on the issues of experiencing, remembering and curating sound art/sound archives. Members of Constant, Michael Murtaugh (...)

Sniff and sneak through my archives

A presentation of the project Erkki Kurenniemi (In 2048) in the framework of Archives of Software Art, an event organized by Jussi Parikka and Burak Arikan. The presentation will take as a point (...)

Stitch and Split - sound archives

Some of the sound archives from the Sevilla, Brussels, Antwerp, Stitch and Split events on identities and territories in science-fiction

Surveillance diverse camera maps

In 2010 + 2011 Denis Devos and Peter Westenberg made with Constant and La Ligue des Droits de l’homme several works around camera-surveillance. We organised walks across the city + the law, to (...)

Tagging Matters: Kitchentable presentaties

Tagging Matters explores the writerly work of tagging in relation to ideas behind the Semantic Web. Active Archives started on the principle of "we are no islands", looking for ways of linking (...)

Talk and open workshop session, Online Archive: Erkki Kurenniemi (In 2048)

For the past few months, Michael Murtaugh and Nicolas Malevé have been running a series of experiments with a subset of the archive of Erkki Kurenniemi, artists and technology pioneer who (...)

The Radiated Archive, YouTube, Pirate Bay and other popular online platforms bring up questions about authorship, distribution and production. Rits, the Brussels’ school for audiovisual studies, invited (...)

The archives of digitales

What are the Digitales media archives? All the recordings of the lectures, talks, workshops and interviews given during Digitales (from 2001 until 2006), were collected into an open data base. (...)

Video archive

Video’s that have been recorded in relation to Constant events. The type of material varies: some are meticulously edited interviews, others are archived streams, try-outs, video-portraits or (...)

What is the archive?

With an on-line presentation, Femke contributes to What is the archive?, a yearly laboratory organized by Arquivo Municipal de Lisboa, Videoteca. This three day meeting proposes to examine the (...)

Workshop Kurenniemi Dataradio

Michael Murtaugh and Nicolas Malevé, members of Constant will share their enthusiasm for Kurenniemi’s practice that involves various experiments in audio recording, diaristic practice and playful (...)