From 23 September 15:01 to 22 November 16:01 @ Nederlandstalige Bibliotheek Parlez-vous Saint-Gillois ?Parlez-vous Saint-Gillois ? Listening postIn the Dutch speaking library of Saint-Gilles you can listen to a selection of words that were recorded in the neighborhood in the framework of the project Parlez-Vous Saint-Gillois ? With headphones you can listen to the stories of people who live in the neighborhood and the explanations of 'their' words. Parlez-vous Saint-Gillois ? is a sound database with special words that are spoken in the neighborhood Bosnia, Saint-Gilles, Brussels. On display, from the last week of September to November 2014: "Ratat", "Bèèèèè", "Scouti", "Superclifragilisticoxpialidoucious". These and the other words that are collected during the project can also be listened to For (...)
From 17 to 22 November @ Beursschouwburg, Brussel GenderBlendingWorksession GenderBlendingIn 6 days, 3 interdisciplinary groups will develop three interconnected proposals for modelling digital bodies differently. Each thread is prepared by two or three invited guests. Throughout the week we'll organise discussions, small workshops and presentations for all participants. This will allow us to work through theoretical and material specifics of imagining gender (social readings and constructed imaginations) in a digital context. We'll use Free, Libre and Open Source software such as MakeHuman, Blender, Openscad, Freecad and PyMol. Participants bring their own laptop with Linux installed or can borrow a computer for the duration of the session (limited availability). (...)
Saturday 11 October 12:00-18:00 @ Constant vzw Parlez-vous Saint-Gillois ?Play Babel AudiowalkPLAY BABEL Play Babel is a soundwalk by artist Anna Raimondo, through the neighborhood Bosnie in Saint-Gilles, Brussels. The walk takes polace in the framework of the project "Parlez-vous Saint-Gillois ?" organised by Constant. Saturday 11 octobre 2014. Walks start at: 12:00 - 13:00, 14:00 - 15:00, 16:00 – 17:00 The soundwalks Play Babel investigates the languages that are spoken by inhabitants of Bosnie. During the walk you will taste a soup of accents and a salad of borrowed words, sprinkled with absurdities and intranslatable words. In the neighborhood you will encounter words that came from all corners of the world. How ? > Bring an mp3 player and headphones, download the walk (...)
From 8 to 12 September @ Kunstenwerkplaats De Pianofabriek Verbindingen / JonctionsBooksprint Are You Being ServedDuring the last edition of the meetingdays Verbindingen/Jonctions in December 2013 we invited the participants to collaborate with a team of 'dedicated notetakers' to report live on the workshops and lectures using the collective platform Etherpad. They did an enormous amount of work. The notetakers will gather again in De Pianofabriek Kunstenwerkplaats during one week, together with a designer and some volunteers, with the plan to create a collective publication based on these notes. If you would like to join the process as a volunteer, do not hesitate to write a mail to an/at/constantvzw/dot/org. VJ14 Booksprint is a project of Constant in collaboration with Kunstenwerkplaats De (...)
Thursday 11 September 17:00-19:00 @ Constant Constant VariableVariable Loop This Thursday Constant will host the first Variable Loop after moving out from Variable in July! Variable Loop is an informal moment for everyone who would like to meet F/LOSS artists, taste their work or present own work, and engage in a discussion around it. Variable Loop was the name of a monthly open door moments at Variable, the 'Free Libre Open Source Software (F/LOSS) Arts Lab' that existed during three years in Schaerbeek. By continuing Variable Loop we create regular encounters for the growing network of F/LOSS artists, designers and programmers in Brussels and beyond. Variable Loop is an initiative of OSP, F/LAT and (...)
En vous observant, Facebook peut (...) En se penchant par la fenêtre de (...) During a live Web chat in late (...) À cause de Facebook et de Google, le (...) In the coming weeks, an Irish (...) China Labor Watch said it had found (...) Call him the benevolent fugitive. (...) Aux Etats-Unis, un délinquant qui (...) Trois mineurs de Côte-d'Or ont été (...) How can a one make art work, when most of the week is dedicated to kids, running the household and working? So few hours available for studio practice. And 2 months school holiday makes the whole thing even more complicated and … frustrating… To overcome this feeling of failure, Anaïck Moriceau and I decided to make a silk-screened poster during our holiday week in Bretagne. Our days at the seaside with the kids enabled us to collect some materials which we solarised. We gained time by using ready mixed inks which were lying around in the studio. The formula went: concentration + simplicity = efficiency. ST_1 So between cups of tea, bathing time, shopping and cooking meals, we managed to get all three screens exposed and printed. ST_2 Meanwhile, the kids played, fought and watched a few life-saving cartoons. ST_3 ……The result is an edition of 10 prints. A composition of coolness and plenitude which reflected “some” of the aspects of our week!! And every evening by 9PM, we were ready to fall into a heap. Mum’s At Work Poster available here soon! ➚ Hollywood has helped to get The (...) The company has tightened its (...) Apple a décidé de restreindre l'utilisatio Tech pioneers in the US are advocating Les pionniers de la technologie aux (...) Facebook and Google use systems to (...) Facebook doesn't want to strengthen (...) Jessica Ferris, productrice de (...) Les délinquants n'ont qu'à bien se (...) Hundreds of journalists working at (...) En France, beaucoup de journalistes (...) A major insight into human behavior (...) Pew study warns about ‘spiral of (...) Makers of surveillance systems are (...) Des entreprises privées vendent aux (...) The National Security Agency is (...) Un véritable « Google made in NSA » : (...) Après Prism, Bullrun, Boundless (...) La surveillance a toujours été présente La mairie de Toulouse a déposé un (...) Philippe Boulet, le président du (...) « Oh, la belle cible ! J'essaierais (...) When Tim Berners-Lee invented the (...) Hackers are breaking into American (...) Des chercheurs ont profité de la (...) US government employees are the (...) Texas Governor Rick Perry wants (...) Facebook va devoir répondre à une (...) Class-action lawsuit with 25,000 (...) La sécurité, des biens et des personnes, Se plaindre que l'on travaille dans (...) Alors qu'Orange et la RATP annoncent un Samsung a dévoilé son projet Simband, (...) The security of smartphone GUI (...) Attention aux applications et (...) Aurez-vous encore votre liberté (...) To fight rising medical costs, oil (...) Peut-il y avoir la liberté sans (...) Alors que la plupart des communes (...) Le Commissariat à la protection de (...) The FBI has warned that healthcare (...) Depuis les débuts du protocole TCP, (...) Since the early days of TCP, port (...) Appliquant à grande échelle les (...) L'essor des vidéos personnelles (...) Plus d'une soixantaine de communications Hackers who stole the personal data (...) Earlier this week, EFF told the (...) “Get on the ground,” Sgt. Chris Hice (...) Le port d'une caméra embarquée par (...) The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation La CNIL a fixé les limites aux (...) Alors que le nombre de cambriolages (...) wilton Wilton, Wiltshire. ➚ summer_skies eagleDoris’ first sewing effort – Bronwyn’s ceramic buttons – Theo’s textile and costume design bookcase – summer reading – blackberry and apple tart. home_madeUKWhen you spend a day with something (...) Sur Facebook, la très grande majorité From July 27th to August 2nd in Poncé sur le Loir, Claire Williams and I participated in the eTextile Summercamp. Along the week there were workshops and some talks – the reports & tutorials are still growing – including the recipes of the delicous food at Paillard: - Screen printing circuits (...)➚ Le saviez-vous ? Lorsque vous vous (...) La faille Heartbleed, qui a secoué (...) Expérimentées depuis l'automne 2012, (...) En fin d'après-midi lundi, une (...) Gujan-Mestras, une commune de (...) Les élus ont décidé de lancer le (...) Bon, il faut bien l'avouer, Leforest In Europe there is a growing fear (...) Revelations about the detailed (...) Steeve Briois confirme dans La Voix (...) Many otherwise well-informed people (...) Relying in part on recent Intercept (...) In a disturbing move to broaden its (...) The publishing of materials from a (...) Amazon is involved in a commercial (...) La fronde du milieu de l'édition (...) Des bizarreries dans la conception (...) The afternoon of our third meeting, (...) Dans un long et superbe article de (...) À l'heure où des dizaines d'Avesnois (...) Depuis Yaoundé, un simple clic sur (...) Depuis les révélations de l'affaire (...)