From 10 January 19:00 to 10 February 20:00 @ Piano de Lil Parlez-vous Saint-Gillois ?Work soundsWhat sound is produced by work ? The studio of a pianobuilder, the workplace of a metal worker, the tools used by the shoemaker, the salon of a hairdresser ... How does baking bread sound in the middle of the night ? In several shops and enterprises in Saint-Gilles, sound artist Vincent Matyn-Wallecan lets you discover sounds that are charcteristic for artisenal production. In the shops listening posts are installed, where you can hear small audio portraits. Each portrait is andicated by a calligraphy that is visible from the road. Follow the map on the flyer, and feel free to enter and discover ! Opening: 10th of januari 2015, from 19:00 In the framework of Parlez-vous (...)
Saturday 7 February 15:00-22:30 @ Koninklijke Bibliotheek / Bibliothèque Royale de Belgique Public Domain DayPublic Domain Day 2015The Public Domain Day is celebrating works of art which enter into the public domain because their copyrights have expired. These works can be freely enjoyed, used, changed, republished by everybody. The Public Domain Day in Brussels is co-organised by Constant, the Royal Library of Belgium, Nova Cinema, CRIDS. **** The afternoon takes place at the Royal Library and is dedicated to Antoine de Saint-Exupery, the writer of Le Petit Prince. 15:00 Storytelling for children of the Petit Prince, in Dutch and French. parents allowed. 15:45 Launch of the website, a collaboration with Romaine Lubrique, and conference by Severine Dussolier about the special (...)
From 31 January 09:30 to 1 February 18:00 @ ULB Solbosch Campus Constant VHack the Knit @ Fosdem 2015Come find our hacked knitting machine at our Fosdem stand we share with Libre Graphics Magazine.
From 6 January to 1 February @ Libre Graphics Research UnitCall for presentations: Libre Graphics MeetingThe Libre Graphics Meeting will take place 29 April – 2 May 2015 in Toronto, Canada. The event welcomes your contribution and is looking for in-depth presentations on Libre Graphics technologies, showcases of excellent work made using Libre Graphics tools and new ideas for future approaches, tools and standards. Read the Call for participation and propose your contribution here.
Friday 30 January 16:00-17:30 @ Haus der Kulturen der Welt CqrrelationsCqrrelations @ TransmedialeDick Reckard, An Mertens, Brendan Howell and Catherine Lenoble will present some ideas developed during 'Cqrrelations' (pronounce crummylations, querylations...), the latest Constant work session in Brussels. The work session was inspired by their work with Algolit, the Constant workgroup which deals with the intersection of text, language and code. They experimented amongst other things with text analysis tools developed by researchers from CLiPS at the University of Antwerp. The session used datasets built from large corpora of natural language to build systems that can accurately guess the gender and age of writers and even find probable lies in written text. After the presentation (...)
Friday 30 January 10:00-17:00 @ Constant studiospace Constant VHack the Knit - overview and troubleshootIn the 80's and 90's electronic domestic knitting machines were popular. These machines stopped being produced in 1996. Yet they are still being used with their 1980's and 90's technologies in contemporary textile design & schools, they are the best semi industrial way to prototype knitted fabrics. Some particular types of knitting machines can be hacked enabling you to knit a digital image. Together with textile designer Claire Williams we will look at the different hacks, for example the Ayab hack, in this open workshop . Enrolling is advised, contact wendy @ constant vzw dot (...)
Thursday 29 January 18:00-21:00 @ Constant Constant VConstant V: (machine) knitApart from turning thread or yarn into a piece of fabric by forming loops that are pulled through each other by hand with needles or by machine, to knit also means to become closely and firmly joined, to grow together, to combine from various elements. The first Constant V starts with a knitting machine project: all parts of an open source automatized knitting machine (OpenKnit Wally 120) will be displayed in the window of Rue du Fortstraat 5, along with the bill of materials and some instructions. In the course of February, the parts will slowly morph into a machine. OpenKnit is a collaborative effort, some open hardware, snippets of free/libre code here and there and an (...)
La Commission de protection de la (...) Parce qu'il choisit de respecter la (...) Afin de détecter la diffusion de (...) Qu'on se le dise, les produits (...) L'établissement hôtelier Henn-na dans (...) De nouveaux éléments publiés par Der (...) Canada's leading surveillance (...) Le produit proposé par Withings se (...) Vaud Une carte répertorie les installatio La bourgmestre de Molenbeek, Françoise 2015_halfodessa_flyer_central-1Cave 12 Brussels Team Take Over: 48 hours in Geneva! Music, Snow, Sauna, Lake, Fondue! cave12_1 geneve Cave 12 info hereSearch giant gave FBI emails and (...) A la veille de Noël, Google a révélé (...) Le rapport du coordinateur de (...) Authorities claim popular app Waze (...) For the last several months, cybersecuri Intelligence sharing agreements can (...) Court ruling comes amid heightened (...) Air Canada a menacé de congédier des (...) L'étendue des programmes de surveillance ‘Blunt tool' approach is leading (...) Un an et demi après le début des (...) Fin juin, le service des contrôles (...) L'exécutif européen est en passe de (...) OBJETS CONNECTÉS - 2015 sera-t-elle (...) Fujitsu a annoncé que ses chercheurs (...) Alors que Manuel Valls n'en avait (...) Terrorists, hackers, and journalists. Le Département de la Défense des (...) Google is planning to sell a wireless Depuis un trimestre, les assureurs (...) Nous vivons dans un monde de capteurs. Après être longuement intervenue sur (...) As we mark the 750th anniversary of (...) Google Inc (GOOGL.O) and Viacom Inc (...) Last May, after getting a ride to (...) Lobbyists representing firms including Selon son avocat, jamais Edward (...) Chaque citoyen a le droit de connaître Une aide-documentaliste d'un établissemen La société nantaise JPG Sécurité est (...) Des écoles de l'Illinois ont prévenu (...) Pourtant ministre de la justice, (...) C'est une certitude. Après l'attentat GCHQ's bulk surveillance of electronic Le maire UMP Hervé Blanché y pense (...) Lors de ses vœux, le nouveau maire (...) The NSA's mass surveillance is just (...) Sur l'offre de stage, il est précisé (...) « Plusieurs millions de personnes (...) "I drink your milkshake" A (...) Snowden documents published today (...) Le projet de loi controversé sur la (...) Pour la première fois en France, le (...) Draft guidance suggests 'general (...) Inutile d'insister, le constructeur (...) Riseup, a tech collective that (...) Advertising network Turn announced (...) Le ministère américain de la Justice (...) Une étude anglaise montre que le (...) The Justice Department on Wednesday (...) Les autorités espagnoles ont donné (...) Avec le système Touch ID, les empreintes The European Union's antitrust (...) Luxembourg took just two weeks to (...) Ce procédé de récupération de données (...) PM to ask Barack Obama to put (...) Le premier ministre britannique (...) Au cours de la cérémonie des voeux au (...) Après les attentats qui ont frappé (...) François Hollande et Nicolas Sarkozy (...) European Union antitrust regulators (...) (FR plus bas) For 29/01 we need to 3D print a hundred pieces for exhibiting the OpenKnit knitting machine Wally 120. We have started printing in Fablab-Brussels, but we need your contribution, as it is a slooooow process and we don’t have our own printer! If have (access) to a 3D printer and you (...)➚ L'actuelle majorité compte bien (...) Avec son application de reconnaissance Beautiful people eat for free : (...) La loi sur le renseignement « est (...) Notre premier ministre Manuel Valls (...) L'Association des Services Internet (...) The right to privacy is on the (...) In the wake of tragic attacks in (...) PM calls for new laws to break into (...) Le Premier ministre britannique, (...) Campaigners fear draft code of Ripa (...) Despite the fact that there is no (...) White House hoping legislation will (...) The prime minister's pledge to give (...) Dans un discours prononcé ce lundi, (...) Alors que Charlie Hebdo est mort (...) Depuis vendredi, plusieurs ministres et La Caisse nationale de sécurité (...) Pointée du doigt par voie de presse, (...) Rue de Montenegro, 1060 Saint-Gilles, Bxl A girls face on an icecream publicity, blocked out with a spray can.➚ Charles Michel souhaite renforcer (...) 2015_01_23_posters_cave12_bxl Brussels Underground Electronic Live Acts and DJ Sets – 23/01/15 – Cave 12 – Genève. TsrMix hereGoogle Inc (GOOGL.O) may be moving (...) Although the government's warrantless Sans même attendre la fin d'une (...) japan_parcel From Tokyo with love – Thank you Hanako! Check out her shop and blogNursery staff and childminders are (...)