Schering en Inslag: collectie winter 2020Wefts and warps: collection winter 2020Trames et Chaînes: collection hiver 2020

Warp and weft are weaving terms, which Constant uses to weave stories about and in-between different projects. A warp refers to the thread stretched on a loom. On the Constant website, warps are extensions of projects, often ways to navigate to and through documentation, media and notes. The weft is the thread that runs between the warp threads with the help of a coil. At Constant, wefts are thematic stories that establish relationships between different projects.

Selected wefts

Algorithms and Text

How can a machine read a poem in an authentic way? What does collaborative authorship mean? How do you make non-linear narratives? How can you use programming language to generate stories? Which stories do complex computermodels tell, if you let them talk without a graphical interface? (An Mertens)

Slippery Knowledge

Ways/methods/practices of sharing and expanding knowledge. (Elodie Mugrefya)

Collective Hospitality

A series of reflections and inspirational projects developed in and out Constant, that explore the concept of ‘hospitality’ in the framework of collaborative creative processes. (Donatella Portoghese)

Pattern recognition

Weaving and wefting through abstract images hidden somewhere in the jelly-like mesohyl of Constant’s on-line ecosystem. (Femke Snelting)

Selected warps

Constant Variable

Documentation of the Free Libre Open Source Software Arts Lab that Constant ran between 2011 and 2014 in rue Gallait in Brussels. (Wendy Van Wynsberghe)


From Oulipo recipes to the narrative perspectives of algorithms. The research of Algolit, a group on free text and code, started in October 2012 and is still ongoing today. This warp gives an idea of the different stages and topics that crossed the group and its changing members. (An Mertens/Algolit)


An overview of all worksessions and their documentation, from 2014 until today