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Machine Research

The Machine Research publication was distributed at Transmediale 2017 and prepared during a workshop Constant hosted from 24-26 October, in collaboration with the Participatory IT Research Centre, Aarhus University and Transmediale art & digital culture, Berlin.

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The workshop aimed to engage research and artistic practice that take into account the new materialist conditions implied by nonhuman techno-ecologies including new ontologies of learning and intelligence (such as algorithmic learning), socio-economic organisation (such as blockchain), population management and tracking (such as datafied borders), autonomous or semi-autonomous systems (such as bots or drones) and other post-anthropocentric reconsiderations of agency, materiality and autonomy.

Geoff Cox
Christian Ulrik Andersen

Graphic Design:
Sarah Garcin, G.U.I.

Søren Rasmussen
Søren Pold
Silvia Mollicchi
Sam Skinner
Rosa Menkman
Roel Abbing
Renée Ridgway
Nicolas Malevé
Nathan Jones
Michael Murtaugh
Maya Indira Ganesh
Martino Morandi
Maja Bak Herrie
Kristoffer Gansing
John Hill
Jara Rocha
Geoff Cox
Femke Snelting
Dave Young
Daphne Dragona
Christian Ulrik Andersen
Casper Menkman
Brian House
An Mertens
Abelardo Gil-Fournier

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Constant Verlag is a repository of texts from the depth of the Constant Archives. Some of those texts were already available on line, others just saved on one of our harddrives; some written in French, others in English or Dutch; recent or as early as 1997. As most texts have been published under open content licenses, you are invited to use, copy, modify and redistribute the material.

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