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Parlez-vous Saint-Gillois

Spreekt U Sint-Gillis?

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This publication is in French and Dutch. Some articles are translated to English.

Graphic designer Alexia De Visscher and project-coordinator Clémentine Delahaut created a diagram that visualises the relations between the words, the people who contributed them and places in the neighbourhood. In the introduction Peter Westenberg relates the project to the context of the multilingual and multicultural city of Brussels.

Artists and writers Jara Rocha, Madeleine Aktypi, Rafaella Houlstan­Hasaert, Dr Lichic, Mathieu Berger contributed to the publication.

Pataphysician Dr. Lichic has kindly invented new etymologies for some of the words in the database. Architect and researcher Rafaella Houlstan-­Hasaerts portrays three citizens in brief texts, starting from her interest in collective means of production and urban re appropriation strategies. The stories of Hafida, Madame D and Julie are examples of contemporary lives in which the global and local fluently interact. The publication also contains an email exchange with sociologist Mathieu Berger in which the ideas behind Parlez-vous are discussed in the special context of a ’neighbourhood contract’ and the research into participatory methodologies that Mathieu is conducting.

We also included an extensive text about the Brussels Marnixplan. This initiative promotes multilingual education for small children, from the perspective that language sensitivity at a young age is essential to be able to profit later in life from the opportunities that a multilingual city such as Brussels has to offer.

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Constant Verlag is a repository of texts from the depth of the Constant Archives. Some of those texts were already available on line, others just saved on one of our harddrives; some written in French, others in English or Dutch; recent or as early as 1997. As most texts have been published under open content licenses, you are invited to use, copy, modify and redistribute the material.

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