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GenderBlending, a report

The non-profit association and arts-lab Constant vzw, together with the cultural centre De Beursschouwburg, artist, filmmaker and co-founder of the magazine Scum Grrrls Anne Smolar and queer arts, sport activist and co-founder of the Multimedia Institute/net.culture club MaMa in Zagreb (Croatia) Željko Blaće, called out to “body hackers, 3D theorists, game activists, queer designers and software feminists to experiment at the contact zones of gender and technology” 1 .
As a result, from 17-22 November 2014 a group of approximately 25 people came together in the halls of Beursschouwburg in Brussels (Belgium) to take part in a series of work sessions, workshops and discussion groups. The three main technologies that were examined and utilized were 3D printing, where the “digital gets physical”, 3D scanning, to “trac[e] the limits of bodies”, and 3D modeling as the “parametric imaginations of gender”.

Read the entire report as a pdf.

Download document: IMG/pdf/genderblending_report_2014.pdf

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