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Mertens, An


Kaleidoscope is a transdisciplinairy collaborative installation-performance around the usage of surveillance camera’s and software that documents and analyses our daily behaviour.

Two dancers, two musicians, two storytellers, a visual artist, a software developer and a mediator are working together in a horizontal structure. The data captured by the camera is in this creation not used for purposes of control, but is used in a joint artistic game. A repressive body becomes a toy, a tool for expression, a narrator, a referee or a co-player.

We chose to work with free software, which will be published publicly under a free license.

On-line version:

Welcome to Constant Verlag

Constant Verlag is a repository of texts from the depth of the Constant Archives. Some of those texts were already available on line, others just saved on one of our harddrives; some written in French, others in English or Dutch; recent or as early as 1997. As most texts have been published under open content licenses, you are invited to use, copy, modify and redistribute the material.

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