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Legal Performance

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These three short exercises investigate permitted behaviour in public space as specified in local laws.

Every time we act according to the law, we are contributing to its confirmation, we become ’legal bodies’; trained and instructed by a law we might or might not support. Through these exercises and the issues they touch upon, we propose to reinterpret definitions of public space, to test and stretch moral and public social boundaries.

Starting from a Free Software point of view, we feel that exchange should be built on the belief that everyone should have the freedom to use, customize, improve and redistribute resources. Could these ’resources’ also include rules and regulations for public life?

The article was written for Platoniq’s YOUCOOP; an online research platform born from the experiences with the Bank of Common Knowledge project (BCK). The platform gathers our research lines, texts about our methodologies and practical examples, such as games and significant projects created by other actors who are close to Platoniq’s philosophy and practice. Basically, YOUCOOP contents want to spread alternatives able to apply the working methods of the Internet and P2P to several environments such as education, economics and social innovation.

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