Verbindingen / Jonctions 5: Code

VJ5, the new media festival of the association Constant,
focussed on the idea of code : its definition, its history, and above all the different interpretations of the word code : genetic code, social code, gender codes...

A word which goes from one discipline to another. Which plays with limits.
Computer code, genetical code, law code, codes of behaviour, dress codes...

And when we think we’ve grasped it, it seems to be the opposite of what we expected.
We use codes to program data and to solve genetic sequences.
We call for code to inflict a penalty or to mention open source project.
Every time this word appears, it raises questions about norms and deviations.

When talking of the computer, the notion of code implies revelation
as well as mystification of information.
Is there a way out of the matrix ?

An event gathering programmers, performers, artists, experimental cinema deconstructing the code, the genre/gender, the law...