Open Scores: Collaboration guidelines

Open Scores: how to program the commons? is a group exhibition that brings together 16 practices through which artists articulate their own forms of (digital) commons. From online archives, to digital tools/infrastructure and educational formats, the projects envision a (post-)digital culture in which notions of collaboration, free access to knowledge, sustainable use of shared resources and data privacy are central.

Constant contributes with Collaboration guidelines, a set of rules, modes and expectations that suggest and question ways of being together. The installation is based on the commitment and guidelines for collaborative situations that Constant is currently formulating. They are presented in a setting that invites you to relax, to reflect and discuss. The space is colourfully lit by a LED display developed by Michael Murtaugh which runs through changes in the Constant collaboration guidelines as they are being written and rewritten.

Open Scores is curated by Creating Commons (Felix Stalder, Shusha Niederberger, Cornelia Sollfrank)

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