Project: Constant_V

Menses Antidote

MENSES ANTIDOTE, by Isabel Burr Raty, is a Totem, whose hybrid nature intertwines an invigorating melting genital substance with an "electronic DIY nervous system", programmed to manufacture a cure-tonic that Isabel drinks. In this installation the visitors are invited to interact with the Totem and its "meaning assembly manual", discovering an alternative past for the future of synthetic life.
The exhibition will run for one lunar cycle, till 30 April. On the opening night, during the full moon of 31st March, Isabel will hold a Bloody Mary Performance at 19h.

MENSES ANTIDOTE started in Amerindian and Polynesian territories, where Isabel surveyed tribal practices seeking to comprehend the indigenous belief that "The Earth is a Womb", an idea that we can find in other concepts, such as Gaia. This intention motivated her to embody practices of DNA exchanges with the landscape, confronting them with principals that can be found in bioengineering and
gynaecological technologies.

Isabel Burr Raty interweaves film, new media, live/body art and lectures, proposing hybrid performance narratives and bio-autonomy practices that play with synthetic magic and compose in situ Sci-Fi stories.

@ Constant

Rue du Fortstraat 5, 1060 Brussels