Kick%Sync%Trans: GenderBlending

Kick%Sync%Trans is an evening on de-normalizing/gendering sport hosted by Zeljko Blace.
With presentations by artists Zeljko Blace and Lola Lasurt, and screening films by Tom Weller and Dylan Williams.

Zeljko Blace is an artist and activist working with the tensions between norms in sport and queer expressions. He instigates QueerSport as a concept for critical, experimental, sustainable work and emancipation.

With Timelab in Ghent and a group of contributors, Zeljko Blace prototyped the Diversity Kickertable, a modded kicker game that reflects on issues of representation. Working with enthusiasts and professionals, they replaced the stereotypical miniature players by a collection of handcrafted, 3D-printed, 2D laser-cut and casted figurines. Instances of moded kickertables in Brussels are developed with FabLab Brussels, HoBo - social center and RainbowHouse – presented in De Beursschouwburg in 2014 and in 2015.

Lola Lasurt is a visual artist living between Barcelona and Gent. With her work Lasurt analyses recent past as a space caracterized by a paradigm-shifting in politics and society, as well as art around the world, that has a complicated relationship to how we construct our identity nowadays.

Her last project The Match. Married women agains single ones is a re-enactment of a football match played by married against single women at the annual party of the Partido Comunista de España in Belgium in 1976, just a year before its legalization in Spain. It was an initiative by Manuel Ramírez, barman of the Federico Garcia Lorca Club in Brussels. Lasurt is also finishing a video featuring synchronized swimming world sub-champion Andrea Fuentes.

Together with Alicia Escobio Alonso and Laura Benítez Valero, she forms the collective Leland Palmer, carrying out research projects in Philosophy and the Arts.

Tom Weller is a filmmaker and transgender coach at Boxing-Girls, a queer-feminist boxing club in Berlin. He makes documentaries and fiction films and organises video workshops on issues of sexual orientation and gender identity in sport.

Dylan Willaims is a British "‹filmmaker and seasonal synchronized swimmer living "‹in Sweden


  • Ruben Malchow & Tom Weller: Fest der Liebe (7.58min, 2005)
  • Tom Weller: Ring Frei (5.55min, 2010)
  • Tom Weller: trans*sport*gaygames* (8.55min, 2011)
  • Dylan Williams: Men Who Swim (1h11, 2011)

@ Beursschouwburg cafe

Rue Antoine Dansaertstraat 20-28, 1000 Brussels