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Iterations - The Tech Oracle

The Tech Oracle TTO

with Pascale Barret, Julien Deswaef, Heidrun Primas, Ushi Reiter, Agnese Trocchi, IOhannes m zmölnig

Where internet companies don’t want to burn their fingers on the suggestive, the inefficient, the absurd and mythical, The Techno Oracle TTO opens up the spectrum of search query technology to the realm of uncertainty, intuition and even magic.

The Techno Oracle (TTO) finally acknowledges the metaphysical depths of our worshipping of the internet as the solver of all our lives’ problems.

The Tech Oracle is the first in a series of ITERATIONS. After its realization in Graz, the next Iterations in 2016 will be carried out in Italy and in Brussels.
TTO reflects on the disproportionate confidence that we currently place in services of the WorldWide Web. Because it seems as if we would not only look for practical answers in the web, but also for instructions for the next steps in our lives.

The exhibition space of esc medienlabor is transformed into an accessible installation, in which visitors enter as beta-testers of the system, and they might leave with a day planner for a "perfect" life.

TTO is developed in the frame of Iterations, a joint project of media organisations esc in Graz and Constant in Brussels. Iterations is a series of exhibitions that aim to gain visibility for collective digital artistic practices.

Here you can find images of the preparations and installation:

Support: Jogi Hofmüller, Gerd Langer, Christian Pointner, Florian Stöffelmayr, Peter Venus
FH Joanneum,, Radio Helsinki

@ esc medienabor

Bürgergasse 5
8010 Graz