The Streaming Hypothesis: Hacker Pedagogy

In the context of Any Change Calls for Resistance, this year’s winterschool at RITCs curated by Christoph Meierhans, Constant contributes with The Streaming Hypothesis. This two week workshop will be a hands-on experience with the politics and technologies of streaming.

On 15 January, invited guests C.I.R.C.E. join us in Viavia to discuss ’Hacker Pedagogy’, an active attitude to change the behaviours promoting automatisms - thus restricting freedom of choice. It is focused on the effects, assumptions and practices of technical interactions. ’Hacker pedagogy’ trainings and workshops formulate a coherent set of tactics for becoming aware of our personal/collective mind/bodies.

C.I.R.C.E. (Centro Internazionale di Ricerca per la Convivialità Elettrica) runs workshops on digital self-defense – hacker pedagogy – convivial informatics for tech-heads, girls, academics, children, affinity groups, and indeed all who are curious to know themselves / know their machines.

The Streaming Hypothesis is developed with: Anita Burato, C.I.R.C.E, Martino Morandi, Mia Melvaer, Radio Panik, Sina Seifee and Femke Snelting.

Viavia Café, Baksteenkaai 74 (1st floor), 1000 Brussels