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Constant looking for space

Starting from April 2021 Constant is looking for a new second space.

Since more then 10 years, we are relying for a part of our working space on temporary and precarious arrangement. In alliance with many other artists and cultural organisations, we have occupied several buildings that, one after the other have been developed into expensive apartments and offices. We have become more and more frustrated with the role that we play as inventive, trustworthy and resilient placeholders in-between urban redevelopments. But without rights and easy to push out. The issue of exploitative anti-squat arrangements from which only developers and intermediate agencies benefit is larger and needs to be addressed, but that is better done when one is not depending on such an arrangement.

So this email we send to our larger network of friends and accomplices in search for working space under better conditions, and potentially people to share it with...
Constant’s office in the rue du Fortstraat is a great place for small meetings and admin. The additional space that we are looking for serves to think, experiment, try, leave a bit of controlled mess behind, and meet with more people.
We are looking for a place to rent that we would be happy to share with others if there is reciprocal interest, and if the spaces would allow it. As Constant, our needs start at around 60 m2, with heating and daylight, something we got used to pay around 400 euros per month for. On the other hand we know already of a few friends that could join the proposal, in case of a bigger space.

We are ideally looking for an open space that can host different types of work. From desk work (headphones and individual) to small temporary residencies (group or individual), modest size presentations and workshops. Common spaces to be shared with others would be great.

We would be happy to inhabit a space crossed by others, to contaminate interests, capacities, affordances. Seen the current dynamics around empty spaces in the city, we are aware that traditional rent is increasingly rare, and are open to consider temporary contracts and other possible ways of sharing spaces if the combination of people, space, and conditions is worth it.

So, if you know of a place up for rent or you are looking for others to share a rent with, please drop us an email!