Constant @ transmediale

The 2019 edition of transmediale focuses on the role of emotions, empathy, and cultural emergence in digital culture. Constant co-moderates one of its two Study Circles on Affective Infrastructures and in addition, is involved in multiple workshops and events:

The Affective Infrastructures Study Circle
What does ’affective infrastructures’ mean and why might this composite term be relevant today? Can thoughts, emotions, objects and stories themselves constitute infrastructures, binding us to each other and to the world itself? With Maya Indira Ganesh, Femke Snelting, Marija Bozinovska Jones, Lou Cornum, Tung-Hui Hu, Fernanda Monteiro, Nadège, Pedro Oliveira

Thursday 31 January 15:00-18:00: Workshop
Saturday 2 February 15:00-18:00: Discussion

Depth and Densities
Possible Bodies invites you to inject resistant vocabularies, misuses and/or f(r)ictions into software tools for geological data handling. With Jara Rocha, Helen Pritchard, Femke Snelting

Friday 1 February 15:00-18:00: Workshop

Die schönen Kriegerinnen: Technofeministische Praxis im 21. Jahrhundert
Publication edited by Cornelia Sollfrank and with contributions by Christina Grammatikopoulou, Isabel de Sena, Femke Snelting, Spideralex, Sophie Toupin, hvale vale, Yvonne Volkart.

Friday 1 February 17:00-18:00: Booklaunch

Optimisation and its miscontents: counterpolitics of surveillance capitalism
A deep dive into the technologies and applications underlying the optimization logic. With Seda Gürses, Z. Blace, Ben Miller, Martin Pasek, Dia Kayyali, Baruch Gottlieb, Femke Snelting, Helen Pritchard, Jara Rocha, Dmytri Kleiner.

Sunday 3 February 10:00-17:30: Workshop

Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin