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Bye Bye Binary / feminist strike

On Monday, March 8 we stop. Together with Bye Bye Binary, Constant joins the feminist strike to call attention to the difficult conditions under which people* keep things going in the street, at school, at home, on call, in the hospital, on the server, at the distribution center, in the supermarket... We strike in solidarity with all those who cannot stop and with those who are forced to stop. We strike to demand an end to sexist, racist and queerphobic violence — to binary regimes — to income inequality — to feminicide — to the exploitation of migrants — to precarious work.

During the month of March, Bye Bye Binary fills the Constant vitrine with graphic and typographical calls to stop. Bye Bye Binary is an international collective that experiments with inclusive language and writing:

More on the feminist strike in Belgium:

* More often than not, these persons are identified as or self-identifying as female

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