AA Videowiki presentation in Archipel conference

In the framework of the digitalisation project ’Archipel’ Constant developed the ’Active Archives Videowiki’ in collaboration with BAM. During the closure event of the Archipel project Michael Murtaugh and Femke Snelting will present their experiences.

Archipel is based on the finding that a sustainable digital archive infrastructure is needed in Flanders in order to ensure a structural approach to the problem of digital archiving. This project is also based on the fact that there is an important role for players from the world of arts, cultural and scientific heritage and education in the development of this infrastructure. The aim in this research project is to look into the practical aspects of creating a sustainable archive of diverse (complex) digital and multimedia objects within a decentralised Flemish digital archive infrastructure.

@ De Singel

Desguinlei 25
2018 Antwerpen