In search of the lost gypsy

A la recherche du gitan perdu

In Schaerbeek, winter, jobless, prices are on the rise: this reality really puts you down. Music, dance, the sun revives you. And this song that keeps on coming back without ending. The song that reminds you of where you came from, who you are ...

Get to know Islam and his upbringing, Mohamed and his African illness, Ahmed the Berber troubadour, the vocal tears Chérie Maman sheds for her Congo.

A documentary by Jérémie Piolat.

52 minutes, produced by the CEDAS about the neighbourhoud, its inhabitants and their social realities.

In the framework of the Navez-Portaels neighborhood contract.

@ Woordenwinkel

Rue Gallait 178
1030 Schaarbeek, Bruxsels