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Shoshana Zuboff : ‘Surveillance capitalism is an assault on human autonomy’
What began as advertising is now a threat to freedom and democracy argues the author and scholar. Time to wake up - and fight for a different digital future It's a beautiful day on Hampstead (...)

Constant etherdump

MANETTA COVER - It looks good but is quite close to DB07 in colour. Could you make the difference m...


Small c vs. big C : How Computational Infrastructures capture technical and social imaginary for public life
With The Institute for Technology in the Public Interest, Friday 3 December 2021, 16.00–17.30 @ SPUI25, Amsterdam In recent years, the communications, sociality and operations of public (...)

PRIMITIVES | an adventurous search for the view of the ’Other’

Hand to eye
a dialogue Says the hand to the eye: look here, I am holding a friend, holding my child, I am holding on to my charm, to the clothing they asked me to take off, to the sword they gave me. I am (...)

Urban(e)(istiques) Anomalie(ën)(s)

Shitty Digger
Work in progress under the parrot tree. But that doesn’t change the parrots daily business. They continue to do what they do here since a long time. Does nobody check the database of trees used as (...)


Anaïs Berck
In maart 2019 ontving ik een Onderzoeksgerichte Beurs van de Vlaamse Overheid. Een jaar lang kreeg ik tijd en middelen om me nog verder te verdiepen in het concept van de Algoliteraire (...)


Darija Medić : On the gaydar : A 100-year challenge for facial recognition
By relying on prenatal hormone theory and its implication for the connection between facial traits and hormonal influences on sexuality, the study reveals the presumption that sexuality is not a (...)

OSP (Open Source Publishing)

Libre Graphics Meeting (LGM) June, 2019
Report written by our friend Manetta Berends from Varia It was a last minute decision to join this year’s LGM. Until the very last moment we weren’t sure if we could make it. In the end Stéphanie, (...)


Sailin’ on
I trust you, you used me, now my heart’s torn apartSo I’m sailin’, yeah I’m sailin’ onI’m moving, yeah I’m movin’ onSail on, sail on, sail on, sail onYeah! Bad Brains – Sailin’ Cela fait maintenant sept (...)

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A construction crane being built up, seen from the 25th floor of the World Trade Center in Brussels.

Samedies : Femmes et logiciels libres

TRANS//BORDER hommage à Nathalie Magnan
Plusieurs ateliers samedies à Trans//border, - Programme


Hygiene: cotton patchwork, digital print & silkscreen, 145 x 750 cm – 2017

Open Source Video

Festival Mondial des Cinémas Sauvages
APPEL A FILMS SAUVAGES ! jusqu’au 30 mars 2017 Inscriptions des films en ligne : Le Festival Mondial des Cinémas Sauvages veut montrer des (...)


A Pre-emptive History of the Google Cultural Institute
← Older revision Revision as of 22:44, 5 December 2016 Line 46: Line 46: The dematerialisation of public collections using infrastructure and services bankrolled by private actors like the GCI (...)


Objects in Common Worksession – RAW and unprocessed
In collaboration with Medialab Prado Constant organised the worksession 'Objects in Common' as the final event in a series that started in 2015 with 'Funcionamientos: Objects in Common and (...)


wheel in a wheel
A soundscape composition / A landscape video choreography. Experiencing dialogue with the environment passing through by cycling. Relying on our perception and synchronizing with the (...)


40 more maps that explain the world
Maps seemed to be everywhere in 2013, a trend I like to think we encouraged along with August's 40 maps that explain the world. Maps can be a remarkably powerful tool for understanding the world (...)

Erkki Kurenniemi an online archive

Newton Diaries
In 1993, Apple released the Newton MessagePad, the first so-called “Personal Digital Assistant”. A kind of forerunner to today’s smart/i phones, the device worked as a kind of virtual notepad, (...)

Parlez-vous Saint-Gillois

Avec Jérémie Boyard, Digi†al Carnaval et Colin Ponthot du projet Bumperbreak qui ont remixé en musique les mots de la base de données de Parlez-vous Saint-Gillois ? pour le festival (...)