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Festival Mondial des Cinémas Sauvages
2017-02-13 19:27:41
APPEL A FILMS SAUVAGES ! jusqu’au 30 mars 2017 Inscriptions des films en ligne : Le Festival Mondial des Cinémas Sauvages veut montrer des (...)
Everything old is new again…
2015-08-29 10:14:28
HMMMM… the continuing legacy of patented video compression. But now rather than the David vs. Goliath of Theora/ vs. MPEG LA it’s Google vs. MPEG-LA. Interesting though how this coverage in (...)
AXIOM Beta Crowd Funding Launch
2014-09-10 10:52:59 AXIOM Beta: The first open digital cinema camera apertus° was started by filmmakers who were fed up with the limitations of the tools they (...)
2013-11-15 16:44:30
How to run ffmpeg in the browser? Compile it to javascript of course! Is LLVM is the new gcc and javascript the new C?! Crazy cool.
“Cisco to release an open-source H.264 codec”
2013-10-31 17:38:56
Exciting news for online video and/or another case of strange corporate bedfellows (as Cisco woes Mozilla spurning Google?). Read on…
TPC The Pirate Cinema
2013-06-04 11:46:58
In the context of omnipresent telecommunications surveillance, “The Pirate Cinema” reveals the hidden activity and geography of Peer-to-Peer file sharing. The project is presented as a monitoring (...)
Mathilde’s Misses
2013-01-16 18:52:06
“Mathilde’s Misses” is a documentary by Pieter De Vos, that tells the story of three ladies participating in the world’s first beauty pageant for homeless women. Mathilde organizes the world’s very (...)
Cinelerra-CV Floss-Manual
2013-01-15 17:00:45
Floss Manuals francophone has published a manual about the open-source professional video-editing software Cinelerra. The publication is available for download as PDF or Epub on the website of (...)
Screencast FFMPEG with sound
2012-12-01 12:24:59
To make a high quality screencast with sound from the soundcard. Great if you want to record for example a webpage that contains sound. system: Ubuntu 12.04 Record without sound, image size (...)
Alÿs Reel-Unreel
2012-06-19 09:58:14
Download the most recent video from Francis Alÿs here: All video’s (but some) are under Creative Commons / share alike / non commercial. Reel-Unreel, in collaboration (...)