April 2023 - March 2024

  • March
  • Constant joins the International Trans*feminist Digital Depletion Strike and invites the students of the Digital Design master’s programme at erg to occupy the vitrine in Rue du Fort.
    On 8th March 2023, the International Trans*feminist Digital Depletion Strike calls for a day of action against (...)

  • April
  • Constant starts a series of artistic commissions in the framework of its 5-years research programme called SPLINT: "Speculative, Libre, Intersectional Technologies". This year’s topic revolves around the broad spectrum of Techno-disobedience.
    With this first call, Constant is looking for (...)

    This is an open call for the worksession Techno-disobedience
    This worksession looks at techniques of disobedience as a means to question and resist the paradigm of an all-controlling and regulating technology.
    If civil (...)

  • May
  • A Traversal Network of Feminist Servers (ATNOFS) was a collaborative project formed around intersectional, feminist, ecological servers whose communities travelled between each other in 2022 to share and extend their knowledges through live gatherings. ATNOFS argued that such platforms and (...)

  • Round table with Remy Farge (LDH - Ligue des droits humains), Peggy Pierrot (Tactic), Chloe Berthelemy (EDRi - European Digital Rights) and Corentin (Technopolice)
    Recently, a data leak revealed the use by the Belgian police of Clearview AI’s facial recognition software. This controversial (...)

  • Most contemporary electronics devices which are built today have small to very small components, called SMD (surface-mounted device) components. In 2019, 83% of broken devices and other electronic waste is shipped to the global south without any form of environmental processing, limiting the (...)